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5 Day Fitness

& Meal Plan

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You know that when you exercise and eat well, you feel well. But with today's jam-packed schedules, between work, family & daily chores it's not always that simple. So we have put together five day's worth of meals + movement tailor-made for those of us with a fast-paced lifestyle who want to make feeling great a priority. We’ve collaborated with Fitness Coach Evolution Faith & Mindful Munchies in handpicking nutrient dense meals plus 30 minute exercise circuits to work into your weekly routine. All you have to do is commit to the challenge. Are you up it?

Start here with grocery list & mindfulness exercises:


Meal planning and making a grocery shopping list (like the one we've provided) will help you to avoid purchasing unhealthy, processed items. Plus knowing what you’re going to be cooking in advance will prevent you from bingeing on whatever’s in the pantry when hunger strikes.


See the list below for items that you will need to make the Meal Plan recipes. Head to the store on Sunday and stock up with these groceries so that you can power through your week with nutrient dense meals.  By always keeping a variety of fresh veggies, fruit, protein & fats on hand, it will be easy to whip up healthy meals, as needed. 

Click here to print grocery list.

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Vegetable Market

Quality Control

  • Organic & local, whenever possible

  • Pasture Raised, Grass-Fed + Organic Meat, Poultry, Eggs & Butter

  •  Wild Caught Fish & Seafood

  • Organic, Cold Pressed & Unfiltered Oils


Grass-fed butter

Dozen eggs

Rotisserie chicken

Ground turkey or beef, 1 lb

Halibut (or similar white fish)

Wild salmon, 1 lb

Feta cheese

Almond butter

Coconut water (unsweetened)


Dijon mustard 



Cauliflower rice 



Lemon, 2 

Avocado, 3

Banana, 2

Broccoli, 3 heads 

Butter lettuce, 1 head 

Cucumber, 1

Carrots, 1 lb 

Spinach, bunch 

Salad Greens, 1 lb 

Bell pepper, 1

Cherry tomatoes

Radish, 1 bunch

Heirloom or vine ripened tomatoes, 2

Spaghetti squash, 1 

Zucchini, 2 

Red onion, 1

Yellow onion, 2

Garlic, 1-2 

Ginger, 1 knob 

Fresh herbs: basil, parsley, dill

Seasonings, Spices



Smoked paprika 

Cayenne powder

Red chili flakes 

Yellow curry powder 

Sea salt 



Focusing your attention on being present and listening to the cues that your body is giving you is a vital part of taking care of yourself.

Being more mindful of how you are feeling and moving throughout your day can help you to manage stress more effectively, increase the quality of your sleep and boost your overall sense of well-being. 

Here are a few mindful exercises that you can incorporate into your daily routine:

Deep Breathing

The simple act of pausing to take a series of deep breaths is an effective way to ease tension, let go of negativity and help your body to flush out toxins. Set a reminder on your phone, three times a day to stop what your are doing and take 5 deep breaths. Make this a part of your daily routine and we promise you'll love the way it makes you feel!


Mindful Breathing Exercise 

  • Take a deep belly breath in for 7 seconds.

  • Hold for 4 seconds.

  • Exhale completely for 7 seconds.

  • Repeat 5 times. 

Image by Victor Garcia
Image by Pablo Merchán Montes

Rest to Digest

Digestion only functions properly when you are relaxed and paying attention to what you are eating.

Here’s how our brain controls our body:

There’s a part of the nervous system called the “autonomic nervous system” (the part that works without us thinking about it, like our heart beating). The autonomic nervous system has two main parts – the “sympathetic” part, which we think of as our “fight or flight” response and the “parasympathetic” part, which is responsible for “resting and digesting.” When we take time to anticipate what we’re going to eat and use all of our senses to notice the texture, taste and smell of our food, our digestive function is turbocharged and able to digest and absorb our food for optimal health. When we mindlessly pig-out or multi-task while watching Netflix, this doesn’t happen so much—resulting in digestive dysfunction. So, chop those veggies, cook with a smile, decorate your plate, sit somewhere nice and enjoy the ritual of nourishing your body.

Mindful Exercises

  • Create a peaceful morning tea or coffee routine.

  • Wake up early to go for a walk or meditate.

  • Set a daily intention. 

  • Eat your food slowly and with gratitude. 

  • Tune into your moods. If you feel a strong emotion or sensation look deeper to determine why. 

  • Stand, stretch & move. 

  • Take a digital break.

  • Take a laughter recess. 

  • Mindfully review your day. 

  • Write in a gratitude journal. 

  • Practice guided sleep meditation.


Jaime Shot.jpg

Jaime Heer, NTP

I love empowering people to improve their lives through holistic nutrition.

As your Nutritional Therapy Practitioner I'll work with you to help repair the root causes of your health concerns.  Using a holistic approach, we’ll determine an individualized whole foods diet & lifestyle protocol that will allow your body to reach optimal health & wellness.

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Evolution Faith

Helping clients find a love for physical activity is an intimate process. Before deciding on starting a fitness routine I believe learning how to create a positive mindset will help clients achieve their personal goals.


I help clients set nutritional goals, mindset goals and fitness goals through one on one sessions at Evolution Fitness or the clients home.

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Christina Shadle, NTP

Finding the best way to share how eating fresh, real foods can improve day-to-day living in a way that feels new and inspiring is my passion.

As your NTP I'll evaluate nutritional needs and make recommendations for dietary & lifestyle changes, helping you to balance your body chemistry and achieve optimal wellness. 

Evolution Faith

Jaime Heer, NTP

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