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Rogue Radiance Podcast
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Episode 03

Vibrations of Healing: Sound therapy for Mind, Body and Soul

Join Jaime for an enlightening interview with Danielle Elese, a sound healer, Reiki master, and hypnotherapist, as they delve into the transformative power of sound healing. Discover how this practice can release tension, stress, stored emotions, and trauma, promoting overall well-being. Danielle shares her personal journey to becoming a sound healer and highlights how we are constantly interacting with sound frequencies in our daily lives without even realizing it. Jaime and Danielle explore the science behind sound healing and its ability to attune brainwave frequencies to a theta state, fostering relaxation, energy flow, and healing. Tune in for a captivating conversation that bridges ancient wisdom and modern science.

Episode 02

In this episode of Rogue Radiance Jaime interviews Erin Tocci of @thewellwagon who shares her journey of healing from Stage 4 Metastatic breast cancer by using an integrative approach. Throughout the episode we discuss the importance of treating more than just the cancer by addressing your mind, body & spirit. Erin explains that cancer doesn't come out of no-where and highlights the modalities that she chose to utilize in order to make her body an inhospitable host for cancer while fostering healing from the ground up. Her journey has inspired her to speak out about the many different modalities available to help support other's in their healing journeys and how daily choices can have a huge impact on health outcomes.

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Episode 01

Secrets to Women's Fitness with Selena Cruz 

In the very first episode of Rogue Radiance Jaime interviews Selena Cruz, certified nutritionist and resistant weight loss expert where they dive into women's fitness, busting myths and offering practical tips for muscle building and weight loss. We stress the significance of addressing root causes while debunking misconceptions about workout types and muscle growth. We tackle fears of bulking up from heavy lifting and dispel myths about low-carb diets, advocating for balanced nutrition with quality carbohydrates and adequate protein intake. From calculating protein needs to navigating vegetarian diets, we cover it all, emphasizing the importance of whole foods and protein-rich meals. Selena underscores the necessity of protein for muscle building and suggests incorporating strength training for optimal results, alongside proper nutrition tailored to individual goals.

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