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Best Electrolytes for Hydration, Energy, Mood & More!

If you're seeking the best electrolytes to help boost your hydration, energy, mood, and overall health, you're in the right place! Before we dive into my favorite options, let's highlight the benefits of starting your day with a 12-16 oz glass of clean water combined with electrolytes.

What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are tiny particles that carry electrical charges. They help balance the fluids in your body and help your muscles and nerves work properly. Examples of electrolytes are sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

Why do you need electrolytes?

Electrolytes are like tiny messengers that help with the thousands of processes needed to make sure your body can maintain fluid balance, support nerve and muscle function, regulate proper acidity/alkalinity levels (a.k.a. pH balance) and help your body to stay hydrated.

How do you know if you need more electrolytes?

Some common signs that you might be deficient include:

  1. Muscle cramps and weakness

  2. Fatigue

  3. Headache

  4. Nausea and vomiting

  5. Constipation and/or diarrhea

  6. Irregular heartbeat

  7. Brain fog, confusion or disorientation

  8. Seizures

  9. Dehydration

  10. Dry mouth and skin

Where can cause electrolyte deficiency?

It's quite common to be electrolyte deficient in today's fast paced, nutrient depleted world. Some factors that contribute to depletion include:

  1. Dehydration: Loss of fluids through sweating, vomiting, or diarrhea

  2. Malnutrition: A diet that is high in processed foods and lacking in nutrient rich, whole foods

  3. Chronic medical conditions: such as kidney disease or hormonal imbalances that affect the body's ability to regulate electrolyte levels.

  4. Stress: electrolytes play an integral part in your body's ability to manage your stress response

  5. Medications: especially diuretics

  6. Excessive sweating: Heavy sweating during intense physical activity or in hot climates

  7. Alcohol consumption

Where do we get electrolytes?

Throughout history, humans obtained electrolytes from nutrient-rich food and natural spring water. However, majority of today's farm soils are depleted of nutrients, and much of our food is highly processed, leading to a lower electrolyte content. Additionally, the water we drink is filtered, reducing the mineral content and thanks to the high demands of modern life, our body's electrolyte stores can quickly become depleted.

Drinking a glass of water with added electrolytes daily can help boost energy, improve mood, enhance sleep, regulate hormones, reduce headaches and promote overall health.

How to add electrolytes to your routine:

Simply sprinkle some quality Sea Salt plus a squeeze of fresh lemon in 12 oz of room temperature water. Or you can also use an electrolyte mix. Keep in mind that MANY of the mixes out there that are LOADED with junk ingredients like refined sweeteners and food dyes. Be sure to always read the ingredient labels so that you can steer clear of toxic ingredients that will actually deplete you even more!

Instead stick to one of my nutritionist approved options listed below:

Goodonya Hydrate: Kris Fillat-Buchanan was an accomplished athlete who relied on sugary sports drinks for energy and performance. In 2007, her health took a drastic turn with the onset of autoimmune disorders, leading her on a journey of healing and education in holistic nutrition. In addition to owning an organic and clean ingredient-only restaurant in San Diego, Kris has created various other products that promote optimal health, including the Goodonya Hydration. I appreciate the organic, high-quality ingredients, and great taste of this product.


Cure: The founder of Cure discovered that her headaches and mood swings were caused by dehydration and electrolyte deficiency. Unable to find a pre-packaged solution that was free of artificial sugars, flavors, and colorings, she decided to create her own clean ingredient electrolyte mix. I love that these aren't too sweet and I recently found them available at Sprouts!


LMNT : Rob Wolff, an intense athlete, realized that despite following a low-carb and whole-food diet for years, he wasn't reaching his health goals. He discovered that he was deficient in salt and electrolytes and created his own formula designed for athletes using only paleo-approved ingredients.

Note: Some people may find the flavored options too sweet, so I recommend trying the "raw, unflavored" packets that you can add your own lemon to.

*Be sure not to miss the creative recipes on their website, such as the Peppermint Mocha with Chocolate Salt.


Needed Hydration Support: This company was developed by remarkable women who noticed a gap in the supplement industry for high-quality products tailored to a mother's unique nutrient needs during her motherhood journey. I particularly like this choice because they use real fruit ingredients and I have received lots of positive feedback from clients.

Do you have a favorite clean ingredient electrolyte mix? Feel free to share in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


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