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Nourish Your Gut

A healthy body begins with a healthy gut. 

Living within your digestive tract are trillions of bacteria, commonly referred to as your “microbiome”. The health of your microbiome is essential to your over-all health because these bacteria have many essential jobs including:

  • Breaking down and absorbing nutrients

  • Recognizing and eliminating toxins

  • Teaching your immune system how to respond to foreign pathogens

  • Communicating with your brain to release hormones that regulate hunger, metabolism, mood and stress

Maintaining a balanced microbiome is absolutely critical to each of your body system's ability to function properly. However, in today’s world it can easily become damaged due to factors such as stress, refined and processed foods, medications (especially antibiotics), alcohol, chemicals and pesticides. When your microbiome is imbalanced it will often result in symptoms such as:

- Chronic allergies & sinus congestion  

- Skin issues, acne, eczema

- Digestive upset, IBS/IBD & constipation 

- Unexplainable weight gain/loss 

- Mood imbalances, anxiety, depression

- Chronic fatigue

- Nutrient deficiencies

- Hormonal imbalances

- Autoimmune disorders 

Simple ways to nurture your Microbiome:


  • Drink plenty of filtered water - 1/2 body weight in oz per day

  • Exercise regularly

  • Relax, relieve stress and s

  • Only take medications & antibiotics when absolutely necessary

  • Take a daily probiotic - see below for my favorites


  • Enjoy prebiotic & probiotic rich foods

  • Avoid processed & fried foods and junk oils

  • Reduce starchy carbohydrates & refined sugar: rice, bread, potatoes, crackers, baked goods, desserts, fruit juice, and all that sugary stuff!

  • Limit alcohol consumption

Support your microbiome with my favorite gut health supplements:

Order online via Better Belly Nutrition Fullscript Dispensary >>CLICK HERE

Microbiome Labs Megasporbiotic is a pharmaceutical grade spore based probiotic. It helps to repopulate the gut with friendly bacteria and supports overall digestive & immune system health.

Dr. Ohhira's Probiotic Plus contains probiotics to repopulate your GI tract with beneficial bacteria plus prebiotics to provide nourishment to the friendly bacteria.

Designs for Health GI Revive contains a powerful combination of nutrients and herbs that work to soothe, heal and seal the intestinal tract as well as reduce inflammation and promote proper elimination.

Enzymedica Digest Gold contains digestive enzymes to assist in the break down of food, promoting nutrient absorption while also helping to reduce digestive upset & inflammation.

Interested in learning more about how you can support your health naturally?

I can help!

Contact me to schedule a Free Intro Call:

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